Blog of the week: “Are You Missing out on the Real World?”

Great post today from Life is Mostly Noise: “Are You Missing out on the Real World?” about the author’s encounter with a child in a coffee shop:

“I had a few options. It was too late to be Northern, which is to avoid eye contact with every human being in the room. I was left with two other choices. I could be polite for a few minutes then cut the conversation off and go work elsewhere, or I could ride it out and see where the conversation took us. I decided to ride it out. As a mother, I wanted to respond the way I want my children treated — with dignity and kindness. I’m glad I did. Often the best lessons are learned at the most inconvenient times, and through the most unlikely individuals…”

You can read the full post here:

Thanks to Lydia for a great blog. Happy Friday!