It’s Complicated

Interesting post this week, shared by a friend: It’s Complicated: Our Relationship Status with Global Poverty

Remember when it was funny to list your relationship status on Facebook as “It’s Complicated”? There was always a spec of irony in doing so because, of course, there probably was a bit of underlying conflict at hand. A passive aggressive hint that although the person identified was close, all relationships have an element of messiness. Even the deepest and most well-intentioned ones…If there were ever a “relationship status” to most accurately divulge the essence of this impassioned connection with the cause it is this: It’s Complicated.”

I’ve never heard a truer description of the task at hand. Why, you may ask?

As author David Curtis explains, “Sometimes we are dealing with deep-seated evil in this world. Other times we are confronted with systemic injustice and corruption. And in still more cases we are simply challenged by the oft occasion of people marginalized from opportunity, disconnected from basic human services, and devoid of reasons to hope that any of it will change.”

Great food for thought. You can check out the entire article here on Food for the Hungry’s blog: