To Catch a Twitter

I was sitting here this morning thinking about the fundamentals of Twitter.  I confess, I have mixed feelings about Twitter.

On Twitter, as you know, you have tweets. So does that make the person who tweets them a tweeter?

And if I re-tweet a tweet, am I a re-tweeter?

If you are following a tweeter, their tweets will twitter in your feed where you can tweet on other people’s tweets.

Of course, people who tweet too much are twits. Kind of like fakebookers.

Tweets have to be short – teeny, really. Twitter doesn’t like things that are long. That would be called complex thought.

Tweets can spread to Facebook where they will infect your status.


Thankfully, you can’t pin a tweet to a Pinterest board, and if you did, you’d probably kill it. Unless you want to pin a collection of tweets…a litter, that is.

And if you pin a twitter litter and someone tries to re-pin your board…Well, I don’t know what that means. My mama taught me not to talk like that.

If a tweet leaves twitter, it goes viral. Tweets on TV, tweets on phones, tweets on tickers…

Soon the air will be filled with drunken tweets that didn’t make it back to their feed and wound up shacked up with hash tags and then it’s really going to get ugly.

Because everyone knows when you shack up with a hash tag, you may was well let everyone on board.

As for me, I promise to only tweet things that are noble, which is surely What Jesus Would Tweet. If you can’t tweet something nice, you shouldn’t tweet at all.

All that being said, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter @hudson_mandy. I don’t tweet much, which makes me an anti-tweeter, I guess.

Less is more, right?

I think that’s pretty much the point of Twitter.