Three Phrases That Need to be Retired

Sometimes you run across a blog post and someone else has said it so eloquently, there’s only one thing to do – pass it on.

So today, for your consideration, I give you “3 Phrases Christians Should Quit Relying On,” by Jason Bradley.

Read the post at, then see thoughts below, if you’re interested:


On #1:  YES. I’m not even sure where this saying came from – people get more than they can handle all the time.

#2. People say this with good intentions, but it does come off 80 percent of the time sounding like an “end of discussion.” And it makes the other person feel awkward – what can they possibly say after that? So the next time someone says this to me, I’m going to say (cheerfully), “I’ll leave that between you and God.”

#3. “I’ll pray for you” is well-meaning but vague. Maybe replace this with, “What can I pray for?” Let the person know you’ve heard them, and let them tell you how you can help/pray.

And I’ll add three more to the list:

4. “I just don’t feel led.”

Led where? Where are you going? This phrase is fine, but needs to be used with caution. Because if we’re honest, we spend hours each week doing things we didn’t necessarily wait to feel “led” to do – like play video games, have a Bachelor marathon or spend two hours eating Mexican food at La Casa. But all of a sudden when someone wants us to help out one morning at Serving Saturday or substitute one week in  Sunday School, all of a sudden we get serious and have to dissect whether or not we feel “led” to spend a few hours doing that.

Bottom line: If you are contemplating a move to Uganda to help plant a church for abused women in a homeless shelter, maybe you should consider whether or not you feel led.

If a friend asks you to join them a soup kitchen one Tuesday night or for a mid-week worship service…maybe you should just go.

5. “It was a God thing.”

Awesome! But I need more details. Technically everything that lives and breathes is a “God thing.” If you’re going to give God praise, don’t cut him short – spell it out! “It was a situation only God could handle in his perfect timing and peace. The way it all came together was a miracle.”

Now, I can say Amen to that!

6. “This too shall pass.”

This one isn’t even in Bible, folks. I think it might be from the Grapes of Wrath.



Other phrases Christians should stop saying?