Thought for the Day: Walking with God

Today’s thought for the day comes from Walking with God, by John Eldredge:

“It is our deepest need, as human beings, to learn to live intimately with God. It is what we were made for…For this you and I were made. And this we must recover.

I’ve spent too many years trying to figure out life on my own. Reading books, attending classes, always keeping an eye out for folks who seemed to be getting the hang of things…We do this all the time, all of us, this monitoring and assessing and observing and adjusting, trying to figure out the keys to make life work…

The good news is, you can’t figure out life like that. You can’t possibly master enough principles and disciplines to make sure your life works out. You weren’t meant to, and God won’t let you. For he knows that if we succeed without him, we will be infinitely further from him…That whole approach to life – trying to figure it out, beat the odds, get on top of your game – it is utterly godless. Meaning, entirely without God. He is nowhere in those considerations…

You might have heard the old saying, “Give someone a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.” The same holds true for life itself. If you give someone an answer, a rule, a principle, you help him solve one problem. But if you teach him to walk with God, well then, you’ve helped him solve the rest of his life. You’ve helped him tap into an inexhaustible source of guidance, comfort and protection.”

Good stuff!


Check out more at Walking with God, John Eldredge, Thomas Nelson 2010.