Blog of the week

Today’s Blog of the Week is from Matt Walsh, who — love him or hate him, always manages to make his point with finesse and clarity.

Hopefully the celebrity photos/iCloud scandal is moving on and out of the headlines (at last!), but I’m a fan of Walsh’s recent post for the honesty it brings and the responsibility it puts on all parties:

“I’m all for encouraging people to make responsible decisions. Storing nude photos on your iPhone isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a responsible decision. But the decision to hack into someone’s phone or server and steal their private material, and the decision to spread that material on the internet, and the decision to seek that material out and look at it, and the decision to brag about it on Twitter like we’re in a middle school homeroom and you’re some kind of hotshot because you saw a picture of a naked girl — these are all decisions that are irresponsible AND immoral, dishonest, illegal, unchivalrous, boorish, abusive, and contemptible.”

What if we just held everyone accountable for their own behavior?