Being Intentional

Being intentional is something we could all use a little more of. That’s why I really enjoyed my friend Sheri’s book,  My Intentional Life, by Sheri Bertolini.

Can you separate living intentionally from the space you live in? That’s the question Sheri asks, and it’s a good one. We all may know what “eating intentionally,” working out or planning our finances intentionally looks like, but what about “connecting your heart to your life and home,” as Sheri puts it in the book’s tagline.

As one who is all too prone to look inside the closet and think “Am I trying to bring 2006 back?” I love Sheri’s premise of taking control over your surroundings. I’m afraid there’s nothing intentional about the inside of my car, other than the mess. (If there’s ever an apocalypse and we have to live out of our vehicles, I should be in good shape.)

A must read for organizers and decorators, My Intentional Life crosses  over into the mainstream for anyone who wants to feel in control of their home, decisions and surroundings.

After all, whatever you do, you should do it on purpose, and this includes your cherished spaces.

Great job, Sheri!

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Note: This blog post was intentional. It was intentionally short, so you will read more of Sheri and less of me.