Article of the week: The Greatest False Idol

Today’s weekly find is an article by John Pavlovitz, “The Greatest False Idol Of Modern Evangelical Christianity:”

“You can see it in the way they complain on social media, in the way they comment on the news of the day; in the defeatist, alarmist language that they use as to describe the world. You see it in the way they furrow their brows and throw up their hands and slam their pulpits. It shows-up in the lazy stereotypes and the religious rhetoric that flows so easily in church lobby coffee chats and extremist blog rants…”

What is it, you may ask?

“…The symptoms of Fear Idolatry are pretty easy to spot. When you’re not sure that God is there or that He’ll really come through, you start to spend most of your time defending Him in absentia. You become a self-appointed Crusader of Truth, whose mission is to do the holy work of policing the world (just in case God can’t or won’t). You spend a lot of time calling out evil, forecasting disaster, and predicting damnation.”

To read the entire article, click here to visit Pavlovitz’ blog.