Article of the Week: How to be the kind of people the world needs right now

Great blog post by Ann Voskamp: how we could get to be the kind of people the world needs right now

Thought-provoking article on an interesting current topic – and a heartwarming story to boot:

“Sometimes the places where we are stretched thin are the thin places where we catch a greater glimpse of God.

And sometimes a kind of miraculous happens when instead of thinking nothing can be done —  you believe there’s always a way one thing can be done.

There’s always find a way to take one step toward someone on the other side of a fence, there’s always a way to take one brick out of a wall that’s divisive, there’s always a way find a way to find Christ’s way to love.”

As Voskamp so eloquently writes:

In a world where we look around and feel like we’ve all already lost— lost a sense of hope, lost a sense of decency, lost a sense of humanity — stretching our hands in grace and kindness makes everyone win.

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