Missions Reading List

Spring break is here — time for some spring reading! Having written a book about missions, I’m often asked for other book recommendations. For those of you interested in missions or the Christian culture around the world, here are my Top 10 picks:

1. End of the Spear by Steve Saint.  Non-fiction. One of my favorite books, this is the fantastic true story of  a boy whose missionary father was killed by a violent South American tribe. As an adult, Saint goes back to live with the tribe and brings his family.

2. The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun. Non-fiction. One of the most sensational stories I’ve ever heard, this book chronicles the life of Brother Yun, a Chinese house church leader.

3. Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose. Non-fiction. Set during World War II, this book tells the story of a missionary wife separated from her husband in New Guinea. Taken prisoner by the Japanese, her story of survival is remarkable.

4. Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. Fiction. The only work of fiction on the list, Safely Home presents the story of house church history and persecution in China through the tale of an American businessman and a Chinese national named Li Quan.

5. Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. Non-fiction. What prompts an American teenager to move to Uganda, adopt 13 children and start a non-profit ministry? Kisses from Katie tells the story of an 18-year-old girl who heeded the call and abandoned a comfortable life to walk among dust, famine and love.

6. Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez. Non-fiction. Not a Christian book, this is the tale of an American hairdresser who goes “behind the veil” among the women of Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. The cultural story of west meets east is fascinating.

7. Red China Blues by Jan Wong. Non-fiction. Also not a strictly Christian book, if you’re interested in China, this is the best book I’ve read describing Maoism from the first-hand perspective of a starry eyed Westerner college student.

8. If I Perish by Esther Ahn Kim. Non-fiction. The famous World War II story of Korean Ahn E. Sook, who refused to bow to Japanese gods and was thrown into prison.

9. I Dared to Call Him Father by Bilquis Sheikh. Non-fiction. The story of Bilquis Sheikh – the miraculous story of a Muslim Woman’s Encounter with God.


Runner up: (#10) Jesus Freaks by D. C. Talk. Non-fiction. I know…so 1990s. But still good. Consider it Chicken Soup for the Missionary Soul.

Happy Reading!