Doing the Needful

Hey guys,

Wanted to wish everyone a happy fall! Several of you have asked when my next writing project will be available. I’ve started a second book project based on a trip I took to India awhile back. For those of you who enjoyed Coffee, Tea and Holy Water, it has the same travelogue perspective, framed around a trip to Shillong and Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

The title of the project is Doing the Needful, an Indian-English phrase. Translated literally, it means “Do what’s most important” or “Do this one thing.”

Starting on Sept. 18, I’ll be releasing a portion on the blog on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays through Oct. 24. Feel free to like and share with friends on Facebook if any of the posts resonate with you.

Episode 1 releases on Monday…

I hope it inspires and encourages your heart. Be blessed!




Doing the The Needful,© Copyright 2017, Amanda Hudson. 

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