15 Things I Will Have to Say to My Kids One Day

1. When you wanted to send a message to a friend, I remember when you had to write it down on paper, fold it and pass it across the room.

2. To listen to a song again, you had to actually rewind the cassette tape.

3. You had to go to stores to buy Christmas presents because there was no online shopping.

4. There were no gift cards.

5. You took photos and you had no idea what they looked like until you got them developed.

6. There was no reality TV.

7. There was no Internet.

8. There were no cell phones.

9. They sold TVs with only 13 stations.

10. Every home only had one computer.

11. They didn’t have red or blue M&Ms.

12. McDonalds was the only place that had a kid’s meal.

13. You never knew who was calling because there was no caller ID.

14. You had to watch commercials.

15. You had to write directions down on paper because no one had a GPS.


And then they can say…”Wow…you’re olddd.”