Book Review: START

Ladies and gentlemen, back for his second best-selling debut since Quitter, it’s Jon Acuff with his brilliant new book START.

While Quitter wisely counseled us not to quit our day jobs to early in pursuit of our dreams (use it to fund/fuel your dream), START urges us to find that dream – chart a path out of the land of average starting…now.

Do work that matters.

Punch fear in the face.

See, you don’t even have to leave the cover to be inspired.

And if punching fear in the face isn’t your thing, you might prefer START’s roadmap through the land of average to awesome: Learning –>Editing –>Mastering –>Harvesting –>Guiding.

As Acuff points out, we just keep marching forward day after day, cubicle after cubicle, moving faster and faster but not really going anywhere.

Meanwhile, awesome is available like never before. The opportunity and speed with which you can reach awesome have never been greater.

Awesome, Acuff explains, is simpler than you think, because we all used to know awesome quite well – we used to be unafraid, if you will, until the world told us no. Until it said, “That’s not realistic.” Until fear said, “If you go for it and it doesn’t happen, it will be embarrassing.”

So if you’ve decided to quit average and venture into the unknown, START is a great place begin.

It’s the book that beats up all the other motivational books on the shelf and says, Read me, I’m awesome.

And you can be too.