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Coffee, Tea and Holy Water takes the reader on an entertaining journey to five countries, Brazil, Wales, Tanzania, China and Honduras to share thoughts about Christianity around the world.

Honest, witty and thought-provoking, CTHW examines questions such as:

What is the biggest obstacle to the church in Brazil?

What is the number one question Britain would like to ask God?

What what exactly do Maasai women do after a discussion about God in their boma?

And what challenges does the house church face in China?

From the wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater, the 8th Wonder of the World, to the banana trees of Honduras, join author Mandy Hudson in a cross-cultural trek that will appeal to everyone interested in religion beyond their own backyard.


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“With humor, candor and Southern charm, Mandy takes her readers around the world (literally) in Coffee, Tea and Holy Water and showcases with such thoughtfulness the beauty that exists in the diversity of God’s kingdom and the value of connecting with the body of believers across the globe. If you’ve ever wondered if going on a mission trip might be for you, you should dive into the journey this book will take you on.” Pete Wilson – Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church; Author of Plan B

“Mandy’s travels will lead you from the remotest of villages to most bustling of cities.  Her ability to look at the world through the lens of faith and culture help us better see Christ for who he truly is.” Dr. Tim Harlow – Senior Pastor of Parkview Christian Church; Author of Life on Mission

“It is both exhilarating and humbling to sit with other cultures and be exposed to their rhythms of life.  With wit and charm Mandy is a prescient guide on an inspiring journey of faith and love.”  Jamie George – Pastor of The Journey Church; Author of Love Well 

“If you’ve never traveled abroad (or out of your faith comfort zone), Mandy Hudson offers a front-row seat to the wonder, awkwardness, and humor of the global journey that stretched her own “box.” Coffee, Tea and Holy Water is an insightful delight — like an afternoon mocha frappe with a dear friend.” Sheri Bertolini – Author of My Intentional Life

“The Christianity that carries us into the future will be one that seeks to understand our brothers and sisters from all corners of the world, while constantly urging us to reexamine ourselves. With Coffee, Tea, and Holy Water, Mandy gives us an honest, humorous, and heartfelt account of someone trying to do just that.”  Seth Jones – Co-founder of One Life International


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Released: March 3, 2015

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Coffee, Tea and Holy Water by Amanda Hudson. Abingdon Press (March 3, 2015). 224 pages. ISBN-10: 1426793138. Format: Hardback, paperback and e-book.